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Elevate your treatment offering with HydraFacial’s result-driven, clinically proven facial and body services

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With over 20 years’ experience and 42 patents, HydraFacial has revolutionized facial treatments in both medical and non-medical sectors.

We are confident in attracting new clients to each of your service providers and increasing their revenue week on week – no matter the location or client mix.

Return on machine investment is usually achieved in under 3 months and that is being conservative!

Our corporate team are here to build a partnership tailored to your business, supporting a bespoke sell-out strategy and inspiring your team for continual growth.

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“My patients were very excited when we started offering it as it gave them a far superior facial that they couldn’t have in a normal beauty salon.”

Dr Rita Rakus

“Love the HydraFacial, my skin looks amazing! My skin is now camera ready for tomorrow!”

Abbey Clancy, Model

“It’s given me skin I have always wanted! Thank You.”

D. Goodwin

“My favourite treatment would be the HydraFacial. You can see the results right there.”

Pasha Kovalev, Professional Dancer


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